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Vampire Movies

Below are loads of movies i have watched or heard of that are really good. Not all of them are about Vampires - some are of witches and other super natural beings. If anyone has watched any good or bad vampire movies please send your reviews to me with a rating from 1 to 10.

Van Helsing
directed by  Stephen Sommers
starring Hugh Jackman (X-Men) and Kaet Beckinsale (Underworld)

Ihave finally got a chance to watch the movie. The weird thing is that althoughit has HUGH JACKMAN itz not the good. I was actually sisting ther wishing the movie would end quickly. There is a twist at the en that makes it sort of interesting - you'll have to watch it to find out the twist - but the beginning is a bit of a drag. in one sentence i would call it quite a let down!
-Posted 09/08/2004.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
directed by Stephen Norrington
starring Sean Connery (James Bond)

Althoughit hasn't really got much to do with vampires, this movie is suprisingly okay. It definitely has room for improvement but it is not as boring as i expected. Sean Connery has done well with his witty coments and ther is even an invisible man to keep the story going. The twist is quite expected - a "good" guy is actualli the real baddie - but it is well taken and it even has a scene where the vampire feeds - nice!
-Posted 09/06/2004

by Len Wiseman
starring Kate Beckinsale (Van Helsing), Scott Speedman (Dark Blue) 

I had already been told that this movie would not disappoint, but i must admit  had my doubts. Indeed I was wrong, this has to be one of my favourite vampire movies i have watched. It has every thing - guns, sharp teeth, the black clothing, hot cars, blood and ofcourse love. Everyone who i know who have watchd this movie have loved it, even the ones who are not vampire junkies like me.THIS IS A MUST WATCH FILM.