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Welcome to my site, dedicated to VAMPIRES!

This is a site totally dedicated to vampires. As my mates know, i am totally obsessed with these creatures!

This site contains loads of stuff like famous vampire books, famous vampire movies and a section on how vampires have come alive in our imaginations. Please please remember to sign the guest book once you finish vistiting the site and remember to link this site to your site and tell everyone about it.


What's New?

Last updated - 10/11/2004

10/11/2004 - finalli strtd da tv showz page.
09/11/2004 - Wid all da stuff at school i finkk i hav neglected my syt far 2 much. im back and im gnna add loadz of new stuff. i hav added 3 msn pics. 

09/08/2004 - I am so sorry for not updating in ages. Itz bin 2 monthz - i know. Bt i hav got quite a bit done on the films page so chck it out. BTW ITZ 48 DAYZ TILL MA BDAY - YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!
09/06/2004 - I hav finalli kinda got everyfin 2gethr and hav launched da site. YAY!!!
03/06/04 - added 1 msn pics and edited many of the images!
01/06/04 - I hav finalli startd a site! hooray!!!!!!!

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.